A Smart Suite

to manage your Digital Continuum

Turn know-how into unique applications
The Mobioos Smart Suite is designed to unite your teams and transform their know-how into digital solutions. We understand your stakes and structure your digital strategy to help you conceive tailored business applications.
Key features
Digital heroes
We are involved in pulling the best out of your employees. We put your teams and partners at the core of the digital transformation process. They lead the digital strategies in designing, with the AI, your constellation of applications.
AI multirole & multichannel
Mobioos AI is capable of interacting simultaneously with several team members around the same topic. It is also able to select the best communication channel to do (chat, voice, emails, notifications…)
Execution velocity
Our unique technology allows you to create, customize and deploy your applications in less than an hour. Guided by the AI, your non-technical personnel is able to create applications that fully and automatically comply with your pre-defined digital strategy.
Deep integration to your information system
Regardless of applications’ audience (B2B, B2C…) your solution can be integrated with your existing sources such as ERP’s and CRM’s whether On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid.
Accessible and secured online stores
Your applications are deployed and stocked on the Mobioos online stores under a BOYD perspective or pushed to the Apple, Microsoft, and Android public stores.
Universal and multi-platform
Compatible with more than 12 platforms (mobile, Web, PC, iOS…), your created applications are independent of current and future technologies.
Epicenter of the Mobioos Platform
Fusion is at the Core of the Mobioos Smart Suite. Fusion gathers the elements to ensure the success of your company’s digital transformation.

Fusion gathers:

  • Human capital through committed teams
  • Policies, constraints and business goals making the guidelines of your digital strategy
  • The Best Practices in the market
  • Collection and understanding of your business needs and stakes by the Artificial Intelligence.

Those elements merged with the Artificial Intelligence under your requirements will create a digital uniqueness: a constellation of applications tuning with your business vision.

Smart suite
Intelligently compiles and combines your knowledge and know-how to co-create unique applications. Fusion allows you to implement your digital strategy parameters and is your primary applications’ management tool.
Enhances the Knowledge Bank in content, increasing the Artificial Intelligence’s capacities. The created SmartApps in Forge and deposited Fusion are hence independent of current and future technologies.
Executes the back-end of your applications, linking them to your Information systems. A seamless deployment based on your preference (Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid)…
Collects meaningful application usage data. Interpreting them in order to give you key insights about your business. Deepening at the same time the AI’s understanding of your specific needs.
Coming soon
Brings your application to life by gathering them in a hub that you can segment and customize to represent your Users, geographical location…etc.
Coming soon
Increases the relevance of lessons learned in order to anticipate and suggest the optimal solutions for your teams in the future.
Coming soon

Focus on the essential and enjoy your freedom.

Mobioos reinvents digital technology. Welcome to your revolution !