Enrich the knowledge of the Artificial Intelligence by creating SmartApps

Forge allows to generate any type of application, in a multitude of languages, from a simple and visual modeling.

Breaking with the current complex systems, Forge is dusting off and revolutionizing code generation with two innovations:

  • Simplify modalisation by making it agnostic to technologies.
  • Facilitate the complex specification phase with an intelligent interview.

This technology is the result of a collaboration between research laboratories and developers with more than 20 years of experience, making Forge the most advanced Artificial Intelligence on the market for code generation.

Model your ideas

Forge uses a simple and technology independent model. This modeling covers all aspects of the application: object model, API, user interfaces...

Rigorous controls on the consistency and validity of the model allow you to save time and quality in designing your future application.

Access to the documentation
Let Forge guide you through the implementation

Once the model is complete, a smart wizard guides you through the specification of your application for implementation.

Contextualized questions make it possible to specify your needs to generate a directly usable code, in the language and the platform of your choice.

Generator component store

Today, dozens of technologies supported

More than ten languages are already supported by a generator. Each generator is designed by a community of experts to offer you the best possible implementation practices.

These generators can be modified to meet your most demanding needs.

  • aspnet
  • ionic
  • nodejs
  • laravel

... and many more.

Gain in productivity

60 to 70% of the application code is generated automatically. Develop the business aspects of your application, without worrying about the rest. You stay focused on the essentials.

Gain in quality

Thanks to our test algorithms, the code is reliable, robust, bug-free and free of technical debt. It is a "zero distortion" code.

Mobioos supports you in your revolution

To help you assimilate these new concepts, we have created a rich and detailed documentation. For a training, it is enough to ask.

Freemium Roadmap


From production to operation

Forge is at the heart of the Mobioos software suite, which aims to improve productivity, management and application deployment. This ecosystem is composed of two other products: Fusion and Magnet.