A powerful interface for Business Leaders

Co-create unique applications with Artificial Intelligence

Fusion is where it all happens: designed for business leaders to manage their continuum of applications.

Business leaders, with no coding expertise, can hence create and deploy their application on more than 12 platforms simultaneously. This is the next generation of technology: A place where human interaction meets Artificial Intelligence

That encounter results in suppressing workflows jams in your business. How ? Fusion frees you teams: they know the challenges you face, they're key to your digital solutions. They design as many applications as required to meet their goals. The constellation of applications meets actual needs. It is managed in the realm of your predefined digital strategy, to make sure all the applications follow the same rules and constraints. Consistency guarantees a clear vision and strategy for your organization!

Fusion's 4 cornerstones

A multirole and multichannel AI

Mobioos' Artificial Intelligence puts its skills at your disposal in order to help you accomplish your digitalization goals.

  • Capable of designing all types of compatible applications on more than 12 different platforms: Mobile, Web, PC, Mac…
  • It knows how to interview business leaders, to ask relevant questions to understand your needs
  • It knows how to expand the realm of interviews to your internal/external teams in order to get the best answers for your questions.
  • It knows how to use the best communication channels depending on the question and on the availability of the respondent (chat, voice, email….)

But these skills aren't enough to answer all strategic questions: Creating an application for what? For who? How? By which rules and for which fixed objective?

That's why FUSION needs knowledge, those are built on 2 sources:

Collaborative Knowledge

From its Knowledge Bank, and lessons learned, shared with you and the Big Data

Internal business knowledge

By knowing your formalized digital strategies as well as your team's members skills.

Designing applications that match your strategies and your teams' skills, has never been easier.

Digital strategies for more application consistency

In the fast-changing digital environment, having an appropriate strategy is the key to successful organization's digital transformation. FUSION sets up all dimensions of your digital strategy, especially your budget, branding, security or IT policies. It includes all specific information: the deployment location of your back-end and back-office (Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid) as well as your front-end formats (Window, IOS, Android, SmartTV, Web)…

Moreover, FUSION invites you to form a team for your digital strategy – a multidisciplinary SQUAD that manages all of your business dimensions.

Finally, FUSION integrates a STORE where your front-end get deployed (Web, mobile, desktop). From there, you can download and deploy all created applications in public stores such as Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Within your global digital strategy, you can design, deploy and execute your applications complying with your strategic rules. The AI assists you in creating applications. It understands your digital strategy and adapts each conversation to your chosen digital strategy, to your SQUAD’s skills. Design as many digital strategies as you need, the AI keeps your applications on track, consistent and without constraints.

Take advantage of the best digital experience to ensure your business growth

The Mobioos Knowledge Bank contains a collection of the best business practices.

A library of all white-labelled solutions is continuously updated by teams of experts and by a multitude of companies’ return-on-experience,

A process which furthers the Artificial Intelligence’s capabilities

Segmented by trade, these business cases respond real challenges of your teams face, in marketing, sales, events, Human Resources and much more

Every case offers a variety of applications such as:

  • Mobile Intranet,
  • Sales assistance,
  • Expenses,
  • Catalogues,
  • Show Rooms,
  • Brainstorming sessions management,
  • Interactive management of your seminars,
  • Etc

You can enhance your AI so it helps you identify your needs better: Integrate your experience into the Segmented Knowledge Bank (SKB), have a conversation with the AI and the solution will be ready

A social network dedicated to team effort

An appropriate digital strategy and tailored applications must be created by professionals. Accordingly, Fusion unites your internal and external experts in one network, allowing you to choose and assemble your Digital Heroes to form a Squad.

Your Squad will build their digital strategy, becoming the core of your digital success. Furthermore, the AI will systematically refer to your designated experts in the SQUAD to direct the right questions, to the right profiles.