Safely deploy and execute your applications worldwide!

Deploy and execute your applications in a flash!

A MAGNET is where your applications are hosted once they have been designed by you and your teams under FUSION.

Conceived for your IT departments and your cloud technology partners, MAGNET deploys on most clouds or server platforms to host your applications.

MAGNET servers are listed in FUSION and specified in your digital strategies: Allowing the AI to be aware of where to deploy your applications. With no technical assistance, your applications get deployed and installed automatically from FUSION to MAGNET, in compliance with your strategies.

Furthermore, your IT teams can set MAGNET to integrate critical parts of your information system, such as your organization directory. It lets your users work with their current ID’s and passwords. Your IT teams can go further in integrating MAGNET to your information system: for example, managing Mobioos applications connection through existing applied databases systems (ERP or CRM). The created applications with Mobioos synchronize to your business data.

Automatically deploy your applications in the cloud, on-site or on Hybrid has never been easier!

Magnet's 4 cornerstones

MAGNET complies with constraints and rules you set in FUSION.

MAGNET complies with constraints and rules you set in FUSION. Your defined digital strategy lets you formalize rules and constraints in order to unite your applications. In order to automatically manage and standardize their deployment and execution, your digital strategy lists one or several MAGNET servers.

MAGNET servers synchronize the digital strategies you predefined in FUSION, and applies your rules, constraints on your applications by the book.

We guarantee quality, unity and consistency with no constraints.

Deep integration, for a more mordern and safer information system

Buying an application is only the first step. Then comes the integration into your information system, an often complex and costly endeavor.

For fluidity and get your solution operational, Magnet allows the integration with your ERP and CRM systems.

Deployed on your MAGNET, your applications have access to the designated company directories and synchronize to your chosen data sources.

Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid

MAGNET servers can deploy on market cloud servers because of a MULTI BAAS approach, but also on your organization's or partners' servers.

MAGNET servers deployment also take geographic areas into account: performance (user proximity), and legal requirements (ID data in regulated countries or regions), or audience management (B2C, B2B, B2E…) can be adjusted to several servers, depending on those specifications (B2C, B2B, B2E…)

The Artificial Intelligence will take those scenarios into account so you can identify the best possible deployment of your applications.

It's a global world !

It is common for organizations to use one or several cloud platforms in addition to their existing solutions.

In order to best match organizations practices, we have designed MAGNET to let you deploy your applications on most major standardized platforms.

MAGNET is compatible with Windows Azure, Amazon, Sales Forces and Google. MAGNET is also available for on-premise installation.

It's the first MULTI BAAS (Backend As A Service) solution of the market. MAGNET constantly expands its compatibility by progressively integrating BAAS market platforms.