Application catalog

Application catalog

Take control of the "Shadow IT effect" by giving your teams a multitude of best digital practices, approved and secured by your company.

The acceleration and rationalization of your company’s digital transformation requires the usage of a catalog of applications

Mobioos revolutionizes the process by distinguishing:

  • The first level, strategic catalog: Available to business leaders, in accordance with your digital strategy, it includes white-labelled public/private best practices. Nor configured or specialized, the generic contents of this first level catalog is segmented by markets and domains of activities.
  • The second level, operational catalog: Available to end-users, depending on their granted access, it includes finalized and original applications from the first level catalog, processed and specialized by the AI. That specialization process depends on the requirements fed to the AI by the business leaders, paired with constraints and rules initially formalized in the digital strategy. The specific contents of the second level catalog comply with all organizations rules and constraints, thus homogenized.

Mobioos calls this first level the “Knowledge Bank” as it feeds the Artificial Intelligence with business cases. The second level catalog is defined as the “Store” as it hosts the front-ends (mobile, web, desktop, smartTV…) after the business cases are specialized by the Artificial Intelligence. Applications back-end and back-offices, also created by the AI, are hosted on MAGNET servers (Cloud, on-site or hybrid) and thus defined in the same digital strategy hosting the Store.

Since each Store is attached to a digital strategy, there are as many Mobioos STORES as the digital strategies. In general, the STORE holds all rules and constraints allowing to specify the application in order to offer a homogeneous content in the Mobioos Store. From the Mobioos Store(s), it’s possible to deploy other private stores (such as Apple, Google or Microsoft) while the application back-ends and back-offices are remained on the same referenced MAGNET server(s), in accordance with their defined digital strategy.


  • Field departments
  • IT, Digital and Innovation
  • Purchase
  • General Management


  • Rationalize needs and costs, better monitor licenses consumption.
  • Bring extreme agility for a successful digital transformation
  • Offer customized applications for your teams
  • Avoid “Shadow IT effect”