Business model

Business model

Transform your know-how into digital solutions, and convert your cost-centers to profit-solution centers

All digital bests practices can lead to an IP (Intellectual Property) and be registered in Mobioos’ “Knowledge Bank” to maximize their use, with or without trading option.

How many on-demand applications has your organization created since it couldn’t find the desired solution on the market that fits its needs and its budget?

For digital agencies, how many times would you have been able to offer the very same application to several customers, if you’ve had adopted initially an approach more formalized?

With Mobioos, publishing your IPs on the private mode in the Knowledge Bank could maximize their use in the organization, corporation or group. Otherwise, publishing them on public mode lets you change your scale and opens your international distribution.

Now with Mobioos, you shift your department from a cost center into a profit center: Develop any specific application for one of your organization’s departments, publish a part of your best digital practices on Mobioos Knowledge Bank with a trading option, a distinctive pricing so that your application can be purchased internally or externally.


  • IT, Digital and Innovation
  • Purchase
  • General Management


  • Industrialize your digital transformation
  • Engage all generations into the transformation process
  • Focus on the content of the digital transformation (the core of business) and not anymore on the context (the technology, its accessibility or its ability of understanding…)