Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

Emphasize your influence towards your customers, franchises, your network of distributors and partners with a constellation of specialized applications.

Expand your influence towards your customers by building a digital ecosystem emphasizing its proximity and trustworthiness.

With Mobioos, industrializing in a digital focus approach becomes possible.

Imagine: you have an active customer database in which you target a precise customer type, like building contractors: offer them a constellation of specialized applications such as:

  • Corporate website
  • CRM application (lite version)
  • Quotation application
  • Construction site visiting application, allowing them to monitor the progress and quality of the construction site
  • Invoicing application, aligned with construction steps
  • Stocks monitoring application
  • Etc…

With Mobioos, you need about 20 minutes per customer to design, deploy and publish all the above applications. Besides, it includes your customers’ branding and corporate image, as well as other specific requirements.

The set of applications brings added-value to your business customers. It helps to increase their loyalty towards your business since they can’t access those features without getting initially your services.

You can implement this approach into your network of franchisees and distributors etc.


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Field departments
  • IT, Digital and Innovation
  • General Management


  • Increase your influence
  • Enhance your customers’ loyalty
  • Better understanding of your customers through data mining
  • Industrialize the loyalty approach on your global network