Functions focus

Functions focus

Free your company from bloated applications whose functional abundance doesn't fit your specific needs any longer.

Third-party applications, available for download or on the Clouds, have always been created to match the biggest common denominator.

Thus you only get bloated applications, seem promising but their abundance of functionalities actually never bring the desired agility. Even worst, this functional abundance increases alongside with the new versions updated. This is why at each time, you get trouble with endless training processes and tremendous change management programs. Now, imagine that you could create as many applications as your communities of users, in which each community has a specific set of functions they need. No more, no less. Your sniper-mode is on: the right application works for the right users, with the right features.

That’s the “functions focus” approach Mobioos brings to you.

With this approach, creating applications matching your global strategy has never been easier and quicker.


  • HR
  • All departments
  • IT, Digital and Innovation
  • Purchase
  • General Management


  • Avoid bloated applications that drown your users and slow down your competitiveness.
  • Offer focused applications with the right features with an unprecedented efficiency.
  • Get rid of costly training and transformation programs.