Post modern ERP/CRM

Post modern ERP/CRM

Augment your ERP/CRMs by connecting them to a constellation of applications which brings up more in-depth specifications.

Modernize your ERPs and CRMs with more agility and protect your investments.

They have often addressed numerous issues within organizations. Even though their added value is unquestionable, the complexity of their interfaces as well as the weight of their procedures can’t bring the agility organizations need.

Gartner perfectly describes the phenomena and recommends a new approach: the Postmodern ERP. By adopting this approach, it consists in capitalizing your ERP’s assets. However, it limits the use of main functions and simultaneously extends the capacities of your ERP with available third-party solutions on the market. A constellation of applications is created around and connected to your ERP. It expands and updates its interfaces, services to give you more agility and relevant performance.

Mobioos also integrates into this approach CRMs solutions since they’re as strategically important as the ERPs: the ability of Mobioos to create any type of applications, to let your business leaders create by themselves as many applications as they need.

All of these applications will be connected to your ERPs and CRMs in order to extend their capacities, give your teams the desired agility so they could now focus on their expertise.


  • Marketing and sales
  • Support Department
  • IT, Digital and Innovation
  • Purchase
  • General Management


  • Create a custom-made constellation of applications that is connected to your ERP/CRM
  • More agility and business relevance
  • Reach a new level of your digital transformation