Supervise your application procurement and manage your budget. Manage your licenses and track your solutions usage data.

In times of multiplied digital solutions in organizations, licences purchase management is getting more complex to lead.

In addition to potential collateral impacts of a reduced forecasting of software procurement, many other problems are existing:

  • SHADOW IT effect
  • Data safety risks
  • Etc…

The department of procurement nowadays, striving for a better team dynamism as well as better digital solutions to achieve their missions, are encountering a major issue: The key for the best digital solutions no longer resides on the sole centralization of procurement but on engaging purchases in a workflow, on leading the application conception and its compliance with the organization’s rules.

Involved departments, as well as the department of procurement, will get a 360 degrees vision of the digital license expenses. The security of used data by the applications gets easier to be managed. Moreover, since all applications are supported by your IT department, the concern about Shadow IT effect is taken away.


  • Field departments
  • IT
  • Purchase
  • General management


  • Industrialize your digital transformation
  • Engage generations of your organization into the transformation process -Focus on the content (the core of business) and not anymore on the context (the technology, its accessibility and its ability of understanding)