Marketing and sales alignment

The Marketing and Sales teams have a common objective close an opportunity

Although Marketing and Sales teams both aim to achieve the same goals, their methods and habits often generate obstacles for the company: statistics shown that 50% of the leads generated by Marketing are not nurtured by Sales.

These teams, are the forefront of any company’s growth, share the same objectives: better lead definition, better-targeted messages, and a turning qualified leads into a client quickly.

Smoothing relationships between marketing and sales teams has been shown to increase margins by 24% and profits by 27%.

This issue although widespread has singular metrics to each company, hence making it impossible to come up with a standard solution for everyone, only your teams are capable of assessing what are the tools

That is why the Mobioos Segmented Knowledge Bank offers a collection of Best Practices your teams can nurture and customize to their liking. With the AI, business leaders are now going to be able to create tailored applications to solve their issues.