Manage your apps diversity

Mobioos is a platform to easily manage complex customization, configuration, and reuse of applications.

How it works ? 👇

Once customization is defined on your application (step 2), users can derive any variant. 

  • 1

    Create or chose your app

    Mobioos Forge, our addon for IDE, provides you all the tools to add smart information to your code and specify your customization model directly on top of your code without modifying it.

    App code
  • 2

    Specify your customization

    Our intelligent tools in Mobioos Forge will allow you to easily map your diversity of features and customization with your code. This mapping also allows the reuse of features.

    Mobioos Forge mapping
  • 3

    Let users select their personalization

    Our user-friendly interface Mobioos Fusion allows any non-technical user to select and apply their choice's customization with our natural language chatbot.

    Mobioos chatbot
  • 4

    Mobioos automatically build and launch!

    Mobioos Fusion will build the customized app with only the code and functionalities required and launch it automatically within your chosen environment.

    Mobioos built and deploy

For who?

Mobioos can be used to bring additional value to any business that produces or masters its applications. 

  • B2B Software editor

    Reduce your costs and satisfy your customers by automating the customization of your applications.

  • Corporations

    Customize your applications by services and standardize their deployment and management.

  • Agency

    Quickly launch a dedicated and customized application for an event or a specific customer.

Simplifying things requires complex R&D

To bring you simplicity, we spend years in R&D with our partners.

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