Empowering your company in the Digital Battleground

Mobioos allows employees to build a constellation of business-focused apps.

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« We are convinced that your teams hold the key to the best applications »

To make this vision come true, we designed a digital continuum focused on your teams and their expertise, so you can create any application in any platform, in less than one hour.

Understand the vision

The Digital Continuum by Mobioos

Digital Strategy

Specify your branding, security and IT policies. Formalize your applications’ deployment and hosting rules. Control your budgets, and much more …

Cycle enrichment

Collect generated data from the usage of your applications. Analyze your return over experience. Predict and anticipate your usage and augment the AI’s knowledge to enrich your next cycle.

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Knowledge bank

Discover the best business practices. Make the most of your business’lessons learned as well as experts contributions. Enhance your contents via our artificial intelligence.

Smart integration

Execute your applications back-ends everywhere: on the cloud, on-premise or on Hybrid. Connect your constellation of applications to your Information System. Supervise your applications and manage all your data.

Mobioos allows you to

Knowledge Bank
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Define your strategy

Set up your digital strategy, define your rules and constraints in order to harmonize your constellation of applications.

Build your solutions

Once your digital strategy is defined, specify your desired features and create your applications by having a simple conversation.

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Build your solutions

Once your digital strategy is defined, specify your desired features and create your applications by having a simple conversation.

Deep Integration
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Execute your applications

Your applications can now be found on the Mobioos Store, ready to be integrated to your information system and capable of being deployed on premise, on the Cloud or on hybrid.


Mastering the Digital Battleground and increase your company’s value with a global strategy. Mobioos Artificial Intelligence makes digital experts out of your employees capable of conceiving the applications they need.


It is essential to link technology to our customer’s domain issues, for they are at the core of their preoccupations, our teams are producing strong added-value solutions that can be immediately implemented.


The Mobioos Smart Suite is designed to unite your teams and transform their know-how into digital solutions. We understand your stakes and structure your digital strategy to help you conceive tailored business applications.

What people says about Mobioos

I find the empowerment approach very relevant these days so it will be interesting to see how applications will evolve beyond the catalogue.
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Genoveva J.
The technology with the AI ​​could revolutionize the relationships that large companies have with digital because today you are up to date or you're left behind.
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Hugues D.
To make services create their own applications is to give them freedom and to move from a state of submission to a state of domination of tools. It is re-engaging people on tools.
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Gersend C.
I found the approach a bit disconcerting at first but I managed to put myself in. I found that finally the approach was the future.
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Daniel S.
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